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Tercet The idea of the restaurant on the premises City Hall was born in 1923. Its official opening was held by Guben's mayor on 6 December 1924.


Gubener Der Ratskeller - that was its full name - was considered the best in the city, visited not only the residents but also visitors who came to the city. Tercet2State and city's ceremonies were held there. Whole families celebrated their anniversaries and the birth of children. You could eat well and there was a specially prepared room in which you could enjoy a top-quality wines.


In the battles for Gubin, at the turn of 1944 and 1945. , the town hall was almost completely destroyed. With a big help from the authorities of the city it was reconstructed in the original style. After completion of the renovation in 1986 a cafe opened here and later Restaurant Tercet which exists till today.


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